Wines, Beers & Cider

White wines Glass/Bottle

Stone Gully Crisp Dry 7.0/28.0
an easy-drinking crisp, dry white wine with floral notes
Fishbone Semi Sauvignon Blanc 9.0/34.0
refreshing and beautifully balanced dry white wine with hints of lemon and lime
Billy Goat Hill Sauvignon Blanc 14.0/48.0
crisp flavour with flavours of passionfruit and guava
Harvey River Chardonnay 14.0\48.0
lightly seasoned with a blend of US and French Oak

Red wines Glass/Bottle

Stone Gully Shiraz 7.0/28.0
a remarkable medium bodied dry wine with cherry tones
Fishbone Merlot 9.0/34.0
a rich youthful Merlot with ripe mulberry fruit & vanilla spice
Billy  Goat Hill Shiraz 14.0/48.0
elegant Shiraz with light spicy tones of plum and dark berries
Grey Elk Shiraz 14.0/48.0
a medium bodied wine with rich dark berry flavour
Joseph River Estates Cabernet /65.0
a premium Cabernet with intense flavours of cherry and blackcurrant


Pink Moscato 7.0/28.0
a crisp French style with light strawberry flavours
Fishbone Rose 9.0/34.0
a crisp French style with light strawberry flavours

Sparkling Glass/Bottle

Jacob’s Creek Sparkling Chardonnay 7.0/28.0
a pleasant light prosecco with a lively froth strong candid fruit and sweet notes
                            Maschio Prosecco 9.0/34.0
a pleasant light prosecco with a lively froth strong candid fruit and sweet flower hints

Craft Beer

Blue Moon Belgium White  9.0
refreshing, smooth, medium-bodied beer with flavours of spices and orange peel (USA) 5.4%
Miller Genuine Draft 9.0
brewed from the finest malted barley, cereal grains & hops with a smooth dry finish (USA) 4.2%
Yenda Pale Ale 9.0
a full-bodied ale with subtle malt flavour with a fresh clean finish (NSW) 4.5%
Coors Lager 9.0
Crisp in taste, with a brilliant, bright appearance and low in carbs (USA) 4.2%    
Perth Local Lager 9.0
subtle, with a new world hop twist (Swan Valley) 4.9%     


Corona Extra (Mexico) 4.5%  9.0
Stella Artois (UK) 4.8% 9.0
Premium Light Peroni Leggera (Australia) 3.5% 9.0
Matso Ginger Beer (Australia) 3.5% 11.0
Guinness (Ireland) 4.1% 11.0


Pressman’s Apple Cider (NSW) 4.5% 9.0
Somersby Pear Cider (Denmark) 4.5% 9.0

Spirits n liqueurs

Vodka: Smirnoff Red / Grey Goose 9.0/12.0
Rum: Bacardi / Captain Morgan’s Spiced / Malibu Coconut 9.0
Gin: Gordon’s /Bombay Sapphire /Gordon’s Pink 9.0/12.0 /12.0
Whisky: Jack Daniels / Southern Comfort / Glenmorangie 9.0 /9.0 /12.0
Brandy: Napoleon 9.0
Liqueurs: Baileys / Kahlua / Frangelico 10.0

Add a dash of Coke/Cordial/Tonic/Soda Water 3.0


Yellow Submarine 16.0
barcardi, lime juice, sugar syrup and mango (mango daiquiri)
Hey Jude! 16.0
vodka, pineapple juice, berry liquor and raspberries (French martini)
Lady Madonna 16.0
vodka, kahula, espresso, sugar syrup (espresso martini)
Strawberry Fields 16.0
Bacardi, lime juice, sugar syrup and strawberries (strawberry daiquiri)
Maggie Mae 16.0
frangelico, kahula, bailey’s, ice cream, chocolate sauce (mudslide)
For You Blue 16.0
barcardi, blue curacao, pineapple and coconut (blue Hawaiian)
Here Comes the Sun 16.0
tequila, orange juice and grenadine (tequila sunrise)
Oh! Darling 16.0
vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed or sweetened lime juice (cosmopolitan)
With A Little Help from My Friends 16.0
gin, lemon juice, sugar syrup, soda water, lemon slice, over ice (Tom Collins)
Penny Lane 16.0 
glenmorangie, lemon juice and sugar syrup (whisky sour)
Good Night 16.0
coffee of your choice with bailey’s and kahlua (Irish coffee)


Helter Skelter 8.0
apple or pomegranate or blood orange infused with sprite
Twist n Shout 
orange, apple, pineapple and grenadine